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Lara Land is a deeply compassionate coach, consultant and yoga teacher trainer specializing in trauma sensitivity. Her work is in helping to heal trauma both subtle and significant and train others to do the same using yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breathing practices. Lara has spent the last 25 years studying and sharing yoga asana, chanting, meditation, and philosophy directly from her teachers in India. Her commitment is to honor the traditions of yoga by responding to the needs of each individual, using a unique combination of practices and techniques that are appropriate for their personal growth. Some of her many certifications include: trauma informed mindfulness, life coaching, therapeutic fasting, and mindfulness in nature.


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Lara offers one on one coaching sessions for anyone looking to gain more life clarity and perspective. Get out of your own way and start making steps toward the life you’ve always imagined. Find the inner resolve and accountability you’ve been dreaming of. Create a new habit, land the position, make the move. All of it is possible.

I had tried coaching models before that were expensive, ineffectual, and ended up being rather lecture-y and blame-y. Because of this I was very hesitant to enter another coaching dynamic, but I knew that Lara and I had aligning values and knew I could trust her to hold my truth and help me make meaningful evolution happen. She uses specific, action-oriented planning, is always realistic, validating and empathetic. She is also generous to commiserate and share things that have been a challenge for her as well, validating my experience, and then helping to form a system of organization to overcome that challenge. I cannot recommend Lara’s coaching program enough.-

Yiselle B

I smile immediately when I think about Lara! I think she will continue to have this effect on me throughout my life. She is just a bright light that brings a sense of peace to my mind when I think back at our coaching sessions. I hope to see her soon so I can hug her to show her my gratitude for all she has done for me. Lara – thank you!!


It was very comforting talking to Lara. I felt comfortable to share my fears, thoughts and anxieties with a “stranger” over the phone and did not feel judged. I was able to speak to Lara and she did not tell me *what to do*. At the end of the call, there was always a plan with what to do for the following week. Lara was able to give me confidence to brainstorm ideas and situations that may be easier for other people. I couldn’t thank her enough, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

Michelle P

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Lara works in partnership with her MBSR & early Buddhism trained husband Thimo Wittich to create yoga retreats and other contemplative experiences in nature in the Great Western Catskills. Join them for one of their upcoming events blending yoga, meditation, pranayama, and nature immersion.

Awaken your senses and let the healing begin.

 Lara Land and Thimo Wittich
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Bliss Book

an undated life-purpose planner with an automated coaching program

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