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Imagine you knew personally a finalist on Idol. Wouldn’t you vote? Today, I am reaching out for your votes and the votes of your friends and family so that I can have a chance at my very own American Idol moment.

I am in the running for a very special grant opportunity that will support my dream to bring yoga to the Harlem community, and my chances to win greatly increase with your support. I need 1,000 votes by this Thursday. It is going to take the support of a whole extended community, but I know it can be done.
Get in your vote by texting the word Land to 244326. There is No Charge and No Spam. You will receive two follow up texts asking your name and why you voted for this business. You must respond to these texts to finalize your vote.

If you are out of the country or can not text, vote by entering the words Land Yoga and New York, NY exactly on Love a Local Business web page.

I thank you for your continued support through the years. It is because of your energy and love that I have been able to accomplish so much and give back in such large and rewarding ways. This is the next step in that journey.