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Happy New Year to all signs everywhere! While astrologically the new year doesn’t mean much, it does provide a tangible check point for our intentions. In numerology, which adds up all the digits in the year to make one single digit number that can dictate the general energy of the year, 2019 is a “3 year” (2+0+1+9=12, 1+2+3). A “3 year” is considered to be the Universal Year and asks us all to creatively approach new endeavors with unity, harmony, and overall well being for all in mind. Most importantly, this year is asking us to really upgrade our humanness in all ways by highlighting our communication skills, our ability to emote, have compassion, and treat others the way that we ourselves want to be treated. Basically, this is the year of the “Golden Rule” and exactly what you give is what you will get in return.

So with all of this in mind, what are your goals for this New Year?
What do you want to cultivate and grow?
Where do you want to focus your energy?
What is your gift to the Universe?

Once you know the answer to these questions you can begin taking action to turn your dreams into a reality. And how you get there is entirely unique and personal to you. No one path is the same as another and this is where Astrology and Crystals can give us some guidance as we begin to take the next steps… the Zodiac signs provide a framework to help us understand the inner workings of our celestial makeup and use that energy to our greatest potential. Each sign has a crystal that can help to motivate our unique intentions. Of course, there are tons of different stones that support all signs so lets narrow it down to one stone per sign to help us collectively harness the humanitarian and revolutionary energy of 2019!

Aries – Fire Agate
Arguably the most “fiery” of all the signs, Aries is quick in action and sometimes temper. Agate, in general, always offers a grounding effect and this particular kind of Agate — Fire Agate, maintains the will power and tenacity of this naturally energetic sign while grounding them in patience and kindness. It is good to help one remember that power is best used humbly, for the benefit of all and at the expense of none.

Taurus – Rutilated Quartz
Rutilated Quartz makes up a large portion of our Earth’s mantle and therefore provides a foundation of guidance, just beneath our feet. Taurus has a natural affinity to all things Mother Earth related while enjoying the sweetest, most beautiful, and lucious of her gifts from gemstones to wine and honey. The “rutilated” portion of this stone looks like golden threads running through crystallized earth and gold is the color of luxury, alchemy, and transformation while quartz is the stone of intention. The pairing of these two elements in one stone creates the perfect balance of earth and magic to curb any over indulgence while maintaining a mental state of abundance that inspires everyone who knows or is a Taurus.

Gemini – Rose Quartz
Social, flirtatious, and quick-witted are the traits most commonly used to describe a Gemini. Rose Quartz is the stone of connection, companionship, love, forgiveness, and friendship. It is also a stone that really tethers the heart to any given experience or intention. For a Gemini this can be incredibly helpful as there can sometimes be the tendency to be flighty or fearful of depth. For this reason, carrying a Rose Quartz can remind a Gemini to be in the moment, fully and with their whole heart and remind others to do the same. Be love and you will feel love.

Cancer – Moonstone
Cancer is ruled by the Moon herself, making this particular sign the ultimate “moon lover.” Intuitive, sensitive, and most recharged in their cozy homes, a Cancer’s psychic abilities are heightened by this soothing and awakening stone. Perfect for a late night meditation or to simply keep by their bedside, Moonstone provides any Cancer with the fuel they need to completely fill their well and begin each day with pure intention. While this is true for most people, Cancers in particular really need to put themselves first in order to have anything to give to others. When they strike this balance, they can be the most nurturing and supportive of friends, lovers, family members, etc. and inspire everyone around them to be this way, too.

Leo – Aragonite
Like a giant burst of energy, Aragonite amplifies anything it touches. Similarly, Leos are known for their ability to motivate a team with their courageous drive and naturally born leadership skills. These qualities make an Aragonite and a Leo the perfect match for each other to take the lead in 2019 with unstoppable and benevolent energy. Whatever a Leo puts their mind, but more importantly their heart into, is not only possible but essential to moving all of us forward.

Virgo – Malachite
Malachite is especially good at helping to facilitate healing, realignment, and circulation through physically, emotionally, or spiritually stale parts of the body, mind, and spirit. This alone makes it the perfect stone for any Virgo, and especially a Virgo who might work in some sort of healing capacity such as a nurse, teacher, or therapist of any kind. Virgos are a gift to the world with their nourishing nature and meticulously organized way of being. They keep all things in synch and malachite is the perfect stone to support them in whatever they are working on in 2019.

Libra – Labradorite
Labradorite means magic and Libras mean balance, justice, beauty, and fairness. With this stone in their command they are bringing transformation into each one of these realms, reminding us all to always support these basic human rights, too. Libras are here to show us that there is beauty everywhere, just waiting for us to notice. With the combination of Libras and Labradorites, they are asking everyone around them to upgrade their thoughts, words, and actions, as well.

Scorpio – Blue Tourmaline
Truth, authenticity, passion, and deep, meaningful connection is key to any Scorpio and this year all of that will be especially heightened because 2019 is a “3 year.” This is why Blue Tourmaline is the perfect stone for a Scorpio to either wear as necklace or carry. Aligning with the throat chakra, Blue Tourmaline is a powerful communicator and elevator of creative endeavors, helping to to turn ideas into reality — and that exactly what an easily bored Scorpio needs to keep things fluid and exciting.

Sagittarius – Amethyst
When it comes to setting your aim and shooting for a wild, wild dream, there is no better stone or sign than the dreamy and optimistic Sagittarius and Amethyst. Amethyst is the perfect crystal to inspire intuition, visions, and ingenious ways of thinking, seeing, and being. Overall this “3 year” is asking each and every one of us to be optimistic, gracious, and kind. Sagittariuses will be taking the lead in making this happen with an Amethyst nearby to keep the vision of unity and harmony alive throughout the year.

Capricorn – Petrified Wood
The steadfast water goat that is Capricorn is always moving and trucking forward, slowly but surely. Petrified Wood is the ultimate stone of wisdom, foundation, and ancestral knowledge. Capricorns role in this unifying year is to maintain a steady pace, keep the tempo, and fortify our resilience as a society to reach great new heights. Anything is possible with Capricorns on our side!

Aquarius – Tibetan Quartz
Aquarius is the most humanitarian, revolutionary, and outside of the box thinker of all the signs. Tibetan Quartz is the “record keeper” of Mother Earth and the most intentional of all the stones, making it a perfect stone for every Aquarius everywhere to hold every morning, directing intention for all beings everywhere to know peace, have shelter, food, water, and all the basic needs to enjoy the beauty this precious life has to offer all of us.

Pisces – Chrysoprase
As the last sign of the Zodiac Cycle, Pisces is a unifier, teacher, helper, and ever-supportive friend. Chrysoprase is a beautiful conglomerate of a stone mixing together the properties of truth, circulation, connection, and heart centered communication. Available in so many different forms, shapes, textures, and sizes, Chrysoprase is truly for everyone, just like a Pisces.

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