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Adventures in Yogaland

Best Crystals for 2019 based on Your Zodiac Sign

Happy New Year to all signs everywhere! While astrologically the new year doesn’t mean much, it does provide a tangible checkpoint for our intentions. In numerology, which adds up all the digits in the year to make one single digit number that can dictate the general energy of the year…

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Stoolyoga – sit with style

Thimo had the opportunity to try a meditation bench for the first time in his life. In the following blog, you can learn more about the experience including the interview with the producer.

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The Upside to Slowing Down

When was the last time you listened to the rain? Or observed the quality of your breath as you move through your yoga practice? As New Yorkers, we’re constantly bombarded with external stimuli…

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Have Yoga Mat, Will Travel

Summer is in full swing, and chances are if you haven’t already been on a boat, train, plane or in a car, you will be in the coming weeks. Vacations are a wonderful privilege; a great time to unwind from the ordinary, spend time with loved ones or even explore far-away places. But what about your yoga practice?

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‘Sup Dog 

The initial stages of crawling (chest lifted, arms trying to press, back trying to bend, body trying to move) ask us to bend, prop up and do something we’ve never done before. Crawl, then eventually, walk.

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Adult Coloring with Meaning

Adult coloring became all the rage a couple years ago and I understand why. When I was a teen I worked at TCBY and my favorite things to do were fold menus and stack containers. The repetitive actions became automatic activities that I could do without thinking and...

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Can vs. Should

"I'm not flexible" is the number one excuse I receive from people as to why they can't do yoga. First of all, yoga is not something you do. It's something that happens when the breath, mind, and body come to oneness. Being flexible is not important. In fact, being too...

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5 Reasons to go to a Yoga Festival by Mel Lotz

Yoga festivals are a special and sometimes life changing experience. I cannot wait to check out the numerous yoga festivals of North America: In summertime there is a yoga festival happening almost every weekend in the United States and Canada. These events can be...

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Three Steps to Receiving Love Now!

Most people think of Parvati or Radha when they think of love Gods, not Lord Ganesha. Me? I think of the elephant-headed boy come to dissolve all obstacles. I think of Him because I know the truth, that love isn’t lost and in need of finding. Love is everywhere and in everything, seemingly lacking often due to our own interference.

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Resolutions are for losers. How I learned to WIN at life.

Success begets success. Confidence builds upon itself and guides a person toward her dreams which grow bigger and badder and braver until a fierce woman appears one day who we call grown. We wonder how she got there and may even try to follow her path, but it's...

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