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Land Yoga really saved my (yoga) life in the pandemic

I had been practicing different kinds of yoga before arriving in astanga last year when I really fell in love with the astanga tradition. Since then, I have been practicing almost daily, wherever I was, moving between the US and Europe, between different homes in each continent. I did trainings with different teachers but found it hard to settle in with one. Hence, when I finally got back to New York this spring, I got so lucky to arrive at Land Yoga: Lara and Dana are truly amazing teachers, and make online mysore and lead classes a really beautiful and enriching daily experience! My yoga practice has been benefitting so much already and I am looking forward to all that I will learn from them in the future. I am amazed how many details Lara and Dana spot even in the online environment. They address exactly those issues that I had been feeling bothered by, and give really helpful advice. While I have been enjoying my home online practice with them a lot, I really relish also the outdoor sessions more of which are coming up this summer. I can hardly imagine a better start into my Saturday than having an astanga LIVE session in Morningside or Central Park. Super grateful for having found this studio which has been really motivating me to take more loving care of my daily astanga practice.

– Cosima M

I have been “restoring” with Marcy for many years, more recently in her Land Yoga on-line practice – Yin/Restorative Yoga.

In her practice, she is deeply empathic and knowledgeable, offers care and support enabling me to relax and heal my often aching body/mind. I can take her Livestream classes wherever I am in the world – end of the day in the USA to the beginning of the day in Australia. How great is that. She is creative in the way she attends to all level of students in her class – offering “healing-holds” to each. Her sense of humor is also most welcome – a breath of fresh air and a gift. Thank you Marcy!

– Susie L

I also look forward to practice because at Land Yoga

I have found a community of like-minded individuals who are doing what I am doing, who understand what I am experiencing, who face similar frustrations and breakthroughs and who have become friends through a mutual passion (especially during the challenges).

– Anna D