Ashtanga classes are taught two ways, Mysore style and Led style. Mysore style is a particular way of learning that requires a minimum one month commitment. Our New Student special is one month unlimited Mysore and Led yoga classes for just $150. Led classes can be purchased as single, 5, or 10 class cards, you may take class and decide after which package you’d prefer.
Unlimited Plans

  • 1 Month Unlimited: $150


  • 1 Month Unlimited: $210
  • 3 Month Unlimited: $570
  • 6 Month Unlimited: $1080
  • 1 Year Unlimited: $2016
Payment Plans
  • 3 Month Auto Pay: $195 per month.
  • 6 Month Auto Pay: $185 per month.
  • 1 Year Auto Pay: $175 per month.
Led Classes
  • Single Class: $20
  • 1 Month Unlimited Led: $160
  • 5 Class Card: $90 – 2 month expiration.
  • 10 Class Card: $160 – 3 month expiration.
Students do not need to come at the start time, but may arrive any time during this period as long as they leave time to finish.

  • MORNING Mysore students must arrive by 10:00 AM
  • EVENING students must arrive by 6:45 PM.

Parent Baby Yoga

Gain strength, increase energy, safely heal new mama bellies, backs, and wrists, meet local parents, and learn poses to help you and your child relax and bond. For parents with their children aged 6 weeks to 18 months. Facilitated by Julia Mannes, Certified Childbirth Educator, Doula, Lactation Counselor, infant movement specialist, and (of course) Yoga instructor. Come take time for yourself with your baby!

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

with Julia Mannes

A certified childbirth educator, doula, lactation counselor, and babywearing instructor, Julia Mannes has been teaching Yoga and nurturing people through the childbearing years for over 10 years. Her down-to-earth, signature-style pre- and post-natal classes will help you safely stabilize while you break a sweat, bring some quiet to busy minds, offer practical tips for birth preparation, and take plenty of time at the end of the class for blissful restorative postures. Julia has supported a good thousand+ new families through her classes and support groups and attended hundreds of births at homes and all major birth facilities around NYC. She served as Marketing Director for “The Birth Survey” and was an Ambassador for Choices In Childbirth.

Julia is a native New Yorker who has traveled and/or lived in Israel, Morocco, Australia, Europe, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, and more. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Vassar College and worked in the music business for many years. She became a mother herself after working for years in this field and laughingly learned how the actual experience connects to the theoretical. She is also blessed to have had two births that she loved – one that took 3 days and the other that took 3 hours! She grew up with the same “birth is scary and weird and gross” message that many of you did – but transcended that view and can help you do it too. She resides in South Harlem with her husband and 2 little girls.

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Class description:

Land Yoga offers pregnant women a practice that is customized for their expectant state. It will help to:

  • Strengthen the body to support months of pregnancy
  • Relieve common discomforts of pregnancy
  • Ease the mind and calm the spirit to provide a healthy internal environment for the baby
  • Prepare for labor and birth
  • Connect women in a safe and friendly setting… today’s yoga class could be next month’s new mothers’ support group or play date!

Schedule and Rates

Prenatal Yoga: Sundays 12:15 PM – 1:45 PM
Postnatal Yoga: Sundays 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

  • 10 for $200
  • 5 for $115
  • 1 for $26



Prenatal Yoga Testimonials:

Your classes at Land definitely helped me feel healthy and strong throughout pregnancy, and really came in handy during birth – I can’t imagine pushing so quickly without having kept up with yoga. Thank you! Suzanne Groppe

I’m thankful for my time with you all. I feel the class helped me embrace the pain, see it as progress, and enjoy bringing life into this world that much more! Rosemary


Buddhist Meditation with Thimo Wittich

Begins again, April 5th – May 24th
Thursdays 7:45 pm – 8:20 pm

Please check SCHEDULE for exact dates.
$15 Suggested donation

These evenings provide an easy introduction into Buddhist meditation practices. No previous meditation practice required. All are welcome. Chairs will be provided for those who can’t sit on the floor.
In this mediation course we will focus on the meditation method of Ānāpānasati meaning “mindfulness of breathing” (“sati” means mindfulness; “ānāpāna” refers to inhalation and exhalation). This central method can be described as the core of Buddhist meditation and was originally taught by the Buddha in several sutras including the Ānāpānasati Sutta and found his way to all different schools of Buddhism like Tibetan, Zen or Theravada as well as western-based mindfulness programs like MBSR (Mindfulness Based StressReduction) by Jon Kabat-Zin.

Anapanasati means to feel the sensations caused by the movements of the breath in the body. According to this meaning this course is designed to learn and to experience how to still the mind through establishing a constant awareness of these sensations, how to deal with distraction like thoughts and emotions during the meditation and how to apply the benefits of it into your daily life.

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Land Yoga
2116 Frederick Douglass Blvd
New York, New York 10026
Tel: (212) 866-5263

Take the B or C train to 116th Street. We are between 114th and 115th on the east side.

For general inquiries email:

To book Lara in your city email:


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