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I recently received an email from DC based yoga teacher Kathy Bagden in response to my previous blog, Tech to the Tot.  It touched me so deeply all I could think to do was share it.  Often with blogging you have no idea who hears you so it is amazing when someone lets you know that they have not just heard you, but deeply understood and embraced your vision. If you are in the DC area, seek Kathy out! And please take a moment now and download the app which is absolutely FREE through January 2nd. 


I LOVE that you are taking yoga out on this platform to reach young children–it is a mindfulness practice that can benefit them through physical movements that they will absorb at such a deep level–to nurture and soothe them as they grow and delve into other aspects of yoga. Learning this practice at a young age, I can only imagine how that will benefit future adults and leaders–more compassion, more listening, less ego???

Your product is amazing–and I will forward news of it on to the audiences here that offer children’s yoga, as well as talking it up to the young parent audience that I know–from my own children, who are having children that would soak up your message. Young childfren are soooo receptive to this kind of thing. 

A yoga friend who worked with high schoolers used to say that the most important asana that she brought to those students was savasana, that totally quiet time of rest and introspection and vulnerability to oneself. The students could be ‘goofy’ during some of the other class time, but would then beg her for that final rest. It was so deeply needed. And I see this so much in our culture, the need for the pause, for the inward gaze, for the deeper breaths. 

I was moved by your writing about pushing yourself forward on the technological trail to build your business, your knowledge base, and to stay ‘with’ all the ways that people are open to being reached right now. From a numbers standpoint, that is the real benefit of technology–so many users can be reached for a small price and can connect in a virtual way with like-minded people. It’s a huge benefit. I’ve done the free Deepak Chopra/Oprah meditations 3 different times this year–the 3 programs have  had amazing global impact. 

Your program can too. Your struggles in managing content, reaching user groups, trying to keep up–it was moving and inspirational. As a teacher, there is so much more that I need to be doing to stay abreast with technology–to reach students and build attendance, craft musical backdrops to the flows I create, and blog with photos–all things that right now, I am limping my way towards–

It probably sounds silly to you–but for those of us who wrote their college term papers on a typewriter, where we are now with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter– can sometimes be a big blank wall to hurdle. On the other side, are all the good things I mentioned. And yet…I need training, not just in yoga but in the technology we all need now to reach out, to connect–and there is meaning in that kind of connection, as witnessed by our shared emails here. 

So, thank you. For your honesty. Talent. Inspiration. You are surely on your way to greatness and how lucky are those children who meet Chloe.

I will push your message forward–you are on a great path and good luck!