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Many of us suffer from the ENDLESS CRAVING.  The Endless Craving is a monster that grows violent and large, gorging its self in our youth.  And if it’s not destroyed, The Endless Craving Monster consumes our adulthood.  It tells us we need food, clothes, toys, and other’s approval for happiness and contentment.

Subtle and sneaky as it matures.  You can not escape the ECM and there is only ONE way to kill it.  You must come to UNDERSTAND IT and in doing so, come to FACE YOURSELF.  Only when fully realized will it disappear forever.  Until then, you must be extra vigilant, because however small and latent the ECM becomes, growth is always possible.  

The path to attaining yoga is the process of looking inward.  We listen to our breathing, notice our thinking, search for stillness in difficult situations.  Since your ECM thrives off of outward stimulation, even the simple action of turning observation inward will stunt it.  So, just by starting yoga, you are on the right path.

You can start yoga at any age, but why wait?  We all know how much harder it becomes to integrate a new habit as we age.  Yet actions ingrained early, like brushing our teeth, are with us for a lifetime.  It is also more difficult to destroy the Endless Craving Monster at a later age since after years of having him around this tricky guy feels like a friend or even worse, like an actual part of ourselves.  Think of how hard it is to let that go!

That is why we are working so hard to introduce yoga at a young age and in a way that is fun, accessible, and habit forming.  Built off years of experience working with children, Chloe the Yogi, the Adventures in Yogaland E-Book Series is designed to get your child stretching, breathing, and diminishing the Endless Craving Monster from the start.  

Now we need your help to turn this concept into a reality.  With a little help from you, we will be able to raise $50,000 to complete the technology application of our first E-book, Adventures In Yogaland: The Amusement Park. Please click to make your donation to this important project.  And don’t forget to share share share this link with your friends.  This project needs to go viral, just like the yoga movement, succeed.