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Almost a week has passed since I arrived. What would you like to know? We are teaching a traditional yoga called Ashtanga. It is known for being a high intensity practice. On average, our students eat one meal a day. They sometimes run out of fuel, literally. However, overall they show remarkable strength and courage. We ask them to move their bodies in strange ways. We urge them to continue when they feel they can’t go on. They laugh a lot. They laugh at the shapes our bodies make and at the words our lips can’t yet pronounce. We are a sight!

They need yoga clothes, some kind of power/energy bars, and complimentary bottled water. If you know of anyone who can provide these items please let me know! If you have any doubt about the link from yoga to recovery, the proof is here. We are witnessing the changes and they are being documented. I am proud to be a part of this extraordinary process.
Please cut and paste this link to see pictures from this week.
You can expect updates each Saturday. Send me your questions so I know what information to provide.
Weekend enziza! (Happy Weekend!)