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On Tuesday, March 17th, Land Yoga moved completely Live Stream in one swift all encompassing moment. Barely certain how to stream ourselves we wrote “How To” blogs and emails hoping to convince our students to attend. There was a fast learning curve as we attempted to make live stream classes available to all.

We fumbled through week one, unsure sometimes how to best lead and see our students, but as we headed into weeks two and three, something surprising happened. Not only did we figure out how to translate our in person classes to the live stream, we learned how to use the new medium to its fullest and take advantage of some of the benefits it offers.

Here are FIVE of the benefits of Live Stream Land Yoga classes:

Pets can participate. 

Your pets love yoga and we love them. It is a joy to see cats and dogs curling up on your yoga mats as they feel your energy relax. It’s truly a symbiotic relationship. We see them soothing you and helping you find your calm even as they nuzzle into legs and arms. As teachers it makes us smile and take a breath with you benefiting us too.

Having pets participate with no risk of allergies to the other students in class is undoubtedly a live stream benefit!


Leave anytime. You won’t disturb anyone.

You can’t walk out of an in person yoga class without making noise, stepping over mats, and likely offending your teacher. Not the case with livestream! Have to wake up or put to sleep a kid, take a call or attend an online meeting? Does a partner need the room? It’s okay with us if you stop your livestream class at any time. In fact, our teachers encourage you to stop when you need to and give recommendations for good points to step out and how to close your practice on your own.

Not only does it not bother us, we celebrate your getting on the mat at all. So, please don’t let having only 20 or 30 minutes stop you from attending our classes. Yoga is not all or nothing. You will receive benefits no matter how much you do!


No commute.

If you’ve tried our live stream you’ve realized quite quickly the joy of not having to commute to class. Even if you lived five minutes away you had to put on shoes, coat, sometimes hat and gloves, de-cloak and get yourself situated in your favorite spot at the studio often totalling a half hour or more to be ready for class, not to mention doing it all again to head home. Not now!

Just roll out your mat, open up your laptop and you are there, transported within seconds to our online classroom without leaving the comfort of your home. Those extra minutes add up! For regular practitioners, this could be shaving hours off your time commitment making it easier for you to get in some cooking, shopping, reading, or some extra sleep!


You control the studio environment. 

We’ve all had the experience of walking into a yoga studio that was too hot, too cold, too bright, too dark, too stinky, too perfumy, or too something. Not anymore. When you are at home, you control all those variables and can enjoy yoga in a room which is comfortable for you.

Love scented candles? Light some before class. You won’t be offending anyone with strong scents through a computer screen.  Want to make it “hot yoga”? Go ahead. Set up your own portable heater and turn it all the way up. We won’t stop you!

The perks of creating your own home studio environment are many. One of the top ones is unless you’re practicing next to a housemate (no extra charge by the way!), you’ll never have to worry about being too close to another student. No more crowds and you’ve automatically got the best spot in the house. Front and center.

This takes us to our fifth and final live stream benefit…


Choose to be seen or practice in private.

Much like an in person yoga class, in live stream students are looking at and paying attention to the teacher, not each other. Through the screen, however, the gaze toward the teacher is even more apparent. Even with your camera on there is a strong feeling of privacy and safety that comes from practicing physically alone. This presents a wonderful window of opportunity for those numerous folks who feel shy to join an in person yoga class. Now is your time to practice from the solitude of your own home.

When your camera is on, the teacher is able to see you and give verbal adjustments which makes the live stream much superior to recorded classes. We have even had reports of students growing and improving their practice during this one month period working with our teachers this way. That said, there is no rule you have to be on camera. If you want to enjoy the energy of live class without being seen that is totally within your right and power. Just shut your camera setting off and begin. We’ve all had days we wanted to go unnoticed. Better to show up camera off than not show up at all.


These are just a few of the reasons people are enjoying Land Live Stream. We recommend you give it a try for yourself and discover the ways it can work for you! New students can stream one month unlimited for just $99 and take 20% off that with code LIVESTREAM for the next month. Come move your body, awaken your breath, and destress with us.