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Funks happen.  Positivity is a wonderful thing, and it is nice to see it praised, but to deny the funk is unfair, unreal, and untrue.  If you are as passionate as I am funks can happen almost daily.  It’s how you deal with them that is important and will determine how long they stay.  My funks are now minutes when they used to be hours or even days or weeks long.  Practicing yoga has been the slow and steady cure, increasing self awareness and demonstrating the way everything passes.  Sometimes even with a yoga practice, we need a little extra boost.  Here are some easy to apply, quick fix cures for a mid day funk.

1. Red (or just COLOR for some of you) For me RED.  Red dress, Red Shoes, Red Bag. When I’m feeling down I’m looking down, but when I see my red shoes, I’m suddenly looking up.  How can you frown at pure fire engine red?

2. Flowers.  Buying myself flowers feels so indulgent and naughty and that’s one of the reasons I love doing it.  It’s a real treat.  Plus they keep the funk away all week long, brighten up the house and keep it smelling fresh.  The more senses you can satisfy the better chance you’ll beat a funk.

3. Brisk Walk. A fast paced mid-day or evening walk is a great way to switch things up and get out the funk.  I’m lucky to live and work steps away from Central Park.  If you have a favorite park near you, use it for the extra funk fighting powers of fresh air and nature.  Otherwise anywhere will do.  Just move!

4. Kids!  Children are triple mood boosters.  They are so present, so animated, and so in need of our precious attention.  It’s nearly impossible to stay funked when they are around.  Grab a niece or nephew or a child of a friend.  Your friend will appreciate the time off and you’ll get to enjoy some good play time and seeing the world through a child’s eyes.

5. Service. Any time we put our thoughts and actions outward toward others it is powerful and funk fighting.  Volunteering is not only good for the recipient but fantastic for our own positivity.  I’ve been volunteering once a month at the Food Bank (always on a Monday morning) and I have never had a Monday blues since then.

6. Chocolate. Possibly the ultimate in mood alteration is piece of delectable chocolate.  I don’t care what kind you get.  I like the real bad (and bad for you) convenience store stuff.  Then I get the added mood boosting benefit of feeling just a bit naughty, like I broke the rules and got away with it.  I eat a piece of chocolate nearly every day and its super seductive mood boosting affects have never gone away.

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