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Goal Setting and Reimagining
in our New World

Saturday, April 18TH
12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

$20 suggested donation

Goal setting and reimagining in our new reality. This coaching workshop is designed to get you thinking creatively and resourcefully during this time of great change.  In it you will come to recognize the immense amount of tools you have available to you and find new ways of utilizing those mechanisms to support you and help you THRIVE in the current conditions.

Using a variety of carefully chosen exercises, Lara will help you to clearly identify new objectives and reframe current goals to fit more smoothly into our new reality.

You will:

*Give voice your dreams
*Identify a pathway to achieving your goals
*Awaken your inspiration
*Find comfort and community
*Surprise and stretch yourself

You can expect:

*Vision boarding

Have- pens, markers, paper
Suggested by not required copy of My Bliss Book life purpose undated planner- use code PLANNERPOWER for 20% off

No overpromising and no quick fixes. Lara offers actionable solutions that work when you do. Her teachings are immediately applicable, and relevant to those from all different backgrounds.