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To Harlem
To More Collaboration, deepening connections, peace with ourselves, family, community
To following dreams, visions, gut, truth, love
And to finding a place to finally Land

Over 250 of you came out last Saturday to celebrate Land Yoga’s official opening and enjoy three hours of joyful collaboration. Here’s what happened:

At 2PM we gathered around Priest Prakash and his fabulous little boy as they made blessings on our space, and prayed for our continued success. There was fire, ghee, flowers, fruit and lots of chanting. It was a beautiful ceremony.

We were barely done clean up and set up when the crowds started arriving. The room was dressed beautifully with orchids, plants, and candles by Franz James Floral and was accented with an awesome World Music playlist by DJ David Chang.

Big highlights were the gorgeous outdoor yoga demos by Dana and Jagadisa-devasri which drew crowds out on the sidewalk. This may have been overshadowed (only slightly!) by our Adventures in Yogaland Mini Camp yoginis, Abby, Ava, and Shoshana who showed off their yoga moves both inside and out on the street. They were fantastic!

Almost everyone left covered in Henna Tattoos drawn by the beauticians of the Cinderella Eyebrow Spa who had a constant line throughout the event. And we were all giddy from the white and red sangria (which the kids kept running up to!) mixed specially for us by 67 Orange Street and the lovely champagne donations from Nectar Wine Bar and Bier International.

The food was amazing!! We had yummy gazpacho by 5 & Diamond, and endive with beet, gorgonzola, and candied walnuts off Lido’s new menu. I couldn’t even get to Zoma’s warm vegetarian entrée which was a big fan favorite and gone in a minute. Harlem Tavern came through with the slider version of their Portobello Mushroom sandwich which is a personal favorite of mine. And thank goodness for hot cups of Society’s Counter Culture Coffee which kept us powered through clean up.

We had a visit from the Daisys who meet in our space monthly and bottles of the thirst quenching, all natural Sokenbicha donated by Anita Bryant. And our wellness practitioners Candice Taylor, Serena Dawn, and Seven Brown were busy meeting guest and giving sample treatments in their private rooms. And our body worker Ed Genece was here in spirit!

Who’s Seven Brown? We announced the newest member of our team, Seven who is a highly respected esthetician and long time Harlem resident and whose micro current work gives you an all natural face life and even relieves soreness.

All our wellness practitioners and Land Yoga raffled off free services. Congratulations to our winners, Lisa, Jessica, Liz, Souraya, and JT!

There were many exciting announcements! Highlights were the release of our PERKS program which offers our 3, 6 and 12 month members increasing discounts in house and around town, our interactive Friday night workshops starting in August with Candice’s Mindful Eating, and our commitment to raising $5,000 by the end of September for the local Food Bank. Shanon spoke about their recent cut in funding. Please help us to meet our goal by donating here !

A big thanks to all who came to share in this important time, especially my hometown visitors!

My deepest gratitude.


Lara Land