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Healing with Crystals workshop

Friday, Jan 4th 7:30p-9:30p



Imagine laying on your back, bathed in healing crystals, blanketed in ambient music, and essential oils. In this workshop will be working towards finding an inner sense of pure bliss charged by vibrational medicine of the earth for each chakra. Crystals vibrate a specific frequencies, which correlate with the seven energetic centers, or chakras, of our bodies. We will match the stones with the energy centers on the body, and spend some time focusing on the healing powers each stone has with each energetic center from Root to Crown. The session will begin with handling and understanding the crystals and their meanings, after which we do a seated meditation, with gentle movement, while chanting the seed sounds for each chakra. The workshop will end with a long meditative Savasana, covered in crystals to correspond with each chakra.