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I am sitting on my porch in my new home on this beautiful Rwandan morning.  It rained yesterday and last night, but it is calm and cool now.  The birds are singing and I hear a rooster crowing in the distance.  All around me are bright flowers and big leaves.  I am in Africa.

What it means to be in this place I do not yet know.  It is hilly and beautiful and filled with people in a mix of costumes I’m sure I will come to understand.  Some wear the colored and patterned fabrics that we’ve come to know and others dress more modern.  The languages spoken are also mixed, but there is definitely a good deal of French and I am wishing I studied more in the days before I left.  I will have to catch up now.
Yesterday I saw the WE-ACTx clinics and participated in my first yoga class with the eager students.  They were the clinic staff and a young boy.  They did not hold back when expressing their gratitude.  They are happy to love and be loved and are immediately warm and affectionate.
For now I have my own room.  There are just five of us here at the house and dinner is cooked for us and eaten all together.  We have a full staff of Rwandans to tend to our garden, laundry, cooking and cleaning.  We have a driver as well, and a guard at the house at night (which is also common in India).  
I am relaxed and glad to once again be close to nature and filled with space.    I wish everyone lives free from fear, pain, and suffering.  
May peace fill the earth as the waters fill the sea.