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I’m just going to say this simply: women need chocolate, crave chocolate. love chocolate. And you guys out there love it too. As some of you know, I have one of the simplest, pared down diets around, and I rarely desire any food, but even I still have that little ache for chocolate. And now I understand why:

The seeds from the Cacao tree used to make pure chocolate have the highest level of antioxidants of any naturally grown product. The problem has always been how to turn the seeds into chocolate that tastes good (not bitter) without altering the antioxidant levels. Now that this has been accomplished through cold pressing you can eat your daily dose (of the right stuff) and feel good about it.
The benefits of raw Cacao are numerous, and I have been experiencing many. The two strongest effects I have noticed are a tremendous boost in a long lasting, non-crashing type of energy and a major curb to my appetite. Since adding this chocolate to my diet I feel an overall upgrade in my wellness on every level. I highly recommend this product and look forward to hearing the positive effects it has on you!
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