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Lara Land and Hannah May, hiking in upstate New York


Lara Land is a deeply compassionate coach, consultant and yoga teacher trainer specializing in trauma sensitivity. Her work is in helping to heal trauma both subtle and significant and train others to do the same using yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breathing practices. Lara has spent the last 25 years studying and sharing yoga asana, chanting, meditation, and philosophy directly from her teachers in India. Her commitment is to honor the traditions of yoga by responding to the needs of each individual, using a unique combination of practices and techniques that are appropriate for their personal growth. Some of her many certifications include: trauma informed mindfulness, life coaching, therapeutic fasting, and mindfulness in nature.

Lara has been featured in New York Magazine, Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, Apartment Therapy and on Fox5, CBS, NY1 and SiriusRadioXM.



it’s totally different than what you think it is. from the outside, you look at it and you wonder why are they turning themselves into pretzels … you find out with each time you stretch a little more you are both in meditation state and in a sense prayer and meditation.. and I get insights from each practice

I can come here after work feeling enslaved and angry from my job and I find that about halfway into the yoga practice my mind is cleared of that and I always leave in a different state of emotion than when I arrived and without drinking wine… it’s been totally unexpected

Joanne L. Hope

Ms. Lara Land has been volunteering with the Food Bank for NYC’s Community Kitchen and Food Pantry of West Harlem for approximately four months now. She has been kind and gracious enough to volunteer her time and expertise in yoga. One Monday of every month Ms. Land comes in for about an hour and completes yoga exercises with our senior participants, which we all so greatly appreciate. Participants perform breathing, stretching, and gentle yoga movements.

Senior participants really do appreciate Ms Land’s enthusiastic and gentle nature. They enjoy learning new yoga techniques, breathing exercises and different mantra.

We all enjoy Ms. Lara’s volunteer work and look forward to having her.

Johanna Delgado

Senior Program Coordinator, Food Bank NYC

I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for everything. Since I moved to New York your studio served as a comfort and another home for me. And then when I finally met you I was even more inspired. I will definitely continue with ashtanga yoga!

Jade Romain

Ms. Lara Land hosted Friends of the Children New York staff and youth “achievers” for an afternoon in Land Yoga Studios. Lara was gracious enough to tour us around the studio and explain the wholeness of wellness that she promotes through her space. She then led us in a yoga session that was tailored to our achievers. She found ways to engage our achievers and challenge them at the same time. Her soothing and encouraging approach made our achievers not only want to participate, but try things they didn’t know they were capable of. Her fabulous instruction led us all to achieve things we didn’t know at the start of the session that we would be able to accomplish. In addition, Lara gave us ways to incorporate her teachings into our daily lives, that we might find some peace and respite whilst living in the city that never sleeps! Lara also linked her business savvy into our session and gave our achievers an understanding on what it might be like to run their own business. Our visit to Ms. Lara and Land Yoga was an all-around success and we are so grateful that she opened the doors of Land Yoga to us!

Amanda Giobbi

Adolescent Program Manager, Friends of the Children

Lara has an inimitable way of teaching yoga, by connecting the basic principles of her practice to how we approach life’s struggles. I witnessed this, first hand, when she taught my GirlsTalk students last year. She used yoga to help the girls understand and deal with every day anxieties, particularly those that plague adolescents. And I’m telling you, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a 13 year old, meditating with her fingers, in an effort to calm down and not fight a fellow student, or teacher, for that matter. Within 6 weeks of class, my kids learned things they will remember forever.

Aurora Barnes

Girls Talk/Guys Talk

I am excited to learn that you are considering opening a studio in Upper Manhattan. I would welcome an opportunity take class with you again. You are a gifted teacher able to lead by both instruction and example, with a healing touch and common sense. Many yoga teachers have elements on that list, but you have the whole package!

Lizzie Leiman Kraiem

We can say without reservation that Lara’s passion for yoga is awesome. Her enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge inspired all our students to do their very best. Throughout each lesson each student was completely in the moment, focused and participating in an awesome new experience. This is Lara’s gift. She is able to transfer her passion for yoga to each and every student.

Phil Wilkinson and Amy Paterno

Bedwell PE Dept

I have known Lara for several years and practiced Yoga with her at the Reebok Sports Club in New York City for an extended period in 2008. Lara is an excellent teacher of Yoga. She approached the task of introducing me to the practice of Yoga with unbelievable patience and good humor. Her deep knowledge of the art, its history and the different methods were apparent during each session. I was also impressed by Lara’s devotion to improving her skills and knowledge through her extended trips to India, where she practiced with the family widely known for creating the style she specializes in practicing and teaching.

Peter L. Herzig

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