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I am writing to announce the the official launching of my Mysore program at Usha Veda Yoga in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. As of September 7th we are on a six day a week schedule respecting Saturdays and moon days as rest time. (Please contact Usha Veda for our moon day list.) Classes are Monday – Friday from 6.45 AM – 9.00 AM and students may come anytime during that period as long as they are able to finish by 9. Sundays are 12.00 PM – 2.00 PM. Look for Fridays to become led classes as of Jan 1st. I am now teaching a half led primary on Wednesday nights from 6.45 PM – 8.15 PM. This class is open to develop into a full led if able students attend.
Please allow me to share a little about the space and why I have decided to make it my home. I know to many of my Manhattanite friends, Brooklyn sounds like a far away country. Perhaps parts of the borough are, but it is certainly not the case here. We are accessible by the 7 train which easy to get to from any part of Manhattan. You can take that lucky line to the Vernon-Jackson stop in Long Island City, just one stop out of Manhattan. From there it’s a short walk over the lovely Pulaski Bridge to 1104 Manhattan Ave. I come from west Harlem and walk it daily. It is a great way to relax the mind and prepare to practice. Join me in my morning stroll and see for yourself.
As for the actual space, the first word that comes to mind is sweet. The atmosphere is simple and gentle and welcoming. It is a great place for both old and new practitioners. I think you will find it very easy to relax into a meaningful practice and make it your home.
For those of you still unconvinced, or looking for another option, I am adding two open classes in Manhattan to my schedule. These are half led primaries at Bread and Yoga in Inwood on Thursday nights at 8 PM and Saturdays at 11.30 AM starting with a special class on Saturday, September 11th. Bread and Yoga is located at 4951 Broadway directly off the A train. (No walking necessary.)
I hope to be seeing all of you very soon. Remember, you don’t have to wait for January 1st to commit or recommit yourself to healthy living. The beginning of the school year marks a rhythm cycle deeply ingrained in our hearts and minds. Take advantage of the natural shift and breath fresh spirit into your life.