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May Perfect Attendance Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge? May Perfect Attendance Challenge is around the corner. Put a star on the board for each day you practice. Those who complete the challenge will be entered to win yoga swag, clothing, and One Lucky Winner will win a FREE MONTH OF YOGA! All will be announced on Saturday, June 16th at our 7 year anniversary.
Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Perfect attendance does not mean every day. Men need 25 days and women 22. (Women have three days rest at the beginning of their cycle.)
  2. You don’t have to do everything every day. The point of the challenge is to get you on the mat (almost) every day. If you need to do a shortened practice, that’s okay.
  3. To qualify practice the full amount of days, make one social post on any medium about the challenge and post a google or yelp review.
  4. Attend any or all of these events and the get two practice stars: Mantras & Mimosas, Volunteer at our table at HarlemEatUp! (email for details) , attend Healing with Crystals workshop, or Saraswathi tour.

Students currently on a 3x weekly package may upgrade to an UNLIMITED for the challenge for just $10!

Here’s what our students have said about the May Perfect Attendance Challenge:

For me, the challenge has been a way to overcome my chronic self-doubt and to prove to myself that I can and should practice every day.  What I did not anticipate is that the challenge has heightened my awareness — of my body through the poses and balancing, of how my body has changed with daily practice, and of how I am so much more at peace every day, even when my job is particularly stressful.  I have more fortitude to meet other life challenges because of the yoga challenge. I also look forward to practice because in Land Yoga I have found a community of like-minded individuals who are doing what I am doing, who understand what I am experiencing, who face similar frustrations and breakthroughs and who have become friends through a mutual passion (especially during the challenges).  – Anna D


What I’m feeling is the solidity of having a practice, a place to show up in regardless of where everything else is in life and to use that constant to help see what’s different and changing, kind of like a measuring stick for gauging where I am and how many possibilities I’m allowing in my life.  I’m also feeling the surrender to how the practice and sometimes specific asanas affect me whether I am “trying” or not. I often go from jittery/sad at the beginning to surprisingly solid and present. It’s actually a bit unnerving for a “control” person to realize, whoa, maybe I’m not so much in control of this . . . . All good. – Jennifer S

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