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Saturday February 6th

In this 2 hours workshop Lara and Thimo will introduce you to the practice of mindfulness.

Lara-Land - Land-Yoga - Mindfulness Workshop with Thimo and Lara
Through a combination of “formal” meditation practices, mindful movement and discussion/inquiry exploring the habits of the mind and the ability to move our reactive patterns towards more wholesome responses you will get an idea of what mindfulness is and what it isn’t.
We will discuss how to start a personal meditation practice as well as how to use mindfulness in our daily lives to improve the capability to create healthy relationships to ourselves and our surroundings.
We will explore how mindfulness practices in nature can help us to open our senses, increase our awareness, deepen our experience of connectivity and ignite your awe and wonder.

Class begins with a discussion on mindfulness and nature immersions and moves into a meditation, followed by an active yoga practice. We close with a full body scan and Q&A.