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There are under two weeks left until my return to the states and the planning has begun.  What energizes me about going back to New York is all the great opportunity I will have to continue on with the kind of work I have begun abroad.  Only now I have a chance to enrich my home community.  

Here is where you will find me in the coming months:
1) Starting May 2nd I will be assisting Authorized Ashtanga teacher, Zoe Slatoff, every morning except Saturdays and Moondays at Ashtanga Yoga Upper West Side.  You will also find me there on Sunday evenings at 5pm teaching Led Primary Series.  Please check out the site for details.
2) I will be giving a workshop presentation on the Rwanda experience tailored specifically to the unique needs and interests of each audience.  Stay tuned for information on the first event hosted at the Fair Lawn Jewish Center on May 7th.  Please contact me if you are a yoga studio, school, or community center interested in booking this one-of-a-kind seminar.
3) I have been awarded the Birthright NEXT Alumni Grant and will be using it to actualize a long dreamed about project.  In the month leading up to Rosh Hashanah, I will be teaching a class once a week that will demonstrate how yoga can enhance the Jewish experience specifically in relation to the new year.
4) I will be teaching yoga to an HIV positive support group in NYC.
5) I will be teaching a yoga workshop to a kindergarten class in New Jersey and working with the teacher on how she can continue to use yoga in her classroom.
And finally, I will be available for private classes.  
Of course, before all that can happen I have two more weeks in this beautiful country!
More next week.  Lara