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Friends, Family, Harlemites. Some of you have followed my journey through New Jersey, New York, India, Rwanda and on. I have been a busy little yoga bee, flying all around, but I knew one day I would finally find a place to Land.

I was drawn to Harlem by an indescribable force and have been on a clear mission since then to build a yoga space and service this community. Now here we are just ONE month away from opening day and I could not be more excited.
Land Yoga opens on June 16th at 2116 Frederick Douglass Blvd (8th ave) between 114th and 115th streets. We are offering classes for adults and children as well as pre and post natal classes and workshops and many other services including acupuncture and nutrition. I am so proud of the amazing team we have put together here at Land, each member of which is devoted to serving and growing with the south Harlem community.
Registration is now open at And huge discounts are applied when you register before opening day.
A wholehearted thank you to all of you who have already devoted so much of your time and energy to welcoming us to the community, especially our fellow Harlem Park to Park business owners who have been unbelievably generous and supportive since the beginning. Please don’t forget to check them out for your post practice meal or shopping experience.
Some of you have asked about the Land Yoga wish list and we would definitely appreciate plants that can live with and without light purchased from our local flower shops: Franz James Floral Boutique, Harlem Flo, and Katrina Parris Flowers.
Please don’t forget to REGISTER early to get your discount and to “like” Land Yoga on Facebook for all the most up to date news on the studio.
See you on June 16th!