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slow slow go the rainy days in Kigali.  The new year has brought with it some new challenges, but with each one a lesson is learned.  I think the long Christmas break caused some set backs in our progress here.  Our seamstress women are backed up with a large order and can not break for yoga twice a week in the middle of the day as they once did.  They are also now being payed by piece instead of by hour, so many choose to continue to work instead of participating. In fact, we don’t want them to break for class if it will mean taking away from their small income.  So, we look for solutions.  Perhaps it would be better to schedule class in the hour before work and offer a breakfast after.  (Do we have the budget?)  Maybe we can have class during an already established break or after work…  All of these ideas will have to be discussed with one of their English speaking supervisors so we can root through problems that may arise with these time slots, such as cooking the daily meal, or picking up children from school. Finding answers to these questions takes time in Africa where things move very slowly.

In the spaces I am able to document my findings.  Every hurdle here is one I will be able to avoid should I design a program like this one in the future.  I am learning how different NGOs work by meeting with members from many of the non-profit organizations here.  It is such a blessing to have access to people who are willing to share their knowledge.  I don’t think there is a better way to learn!
When things are slow, I feel like a bear that is devouring everything.  As I take in the wealth of information surrounding me I am consciously storing up for my return to New York, a place too fast for days like these.