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The misconceptions about yoga are too many to name: It’s for flexible people.  It’s boring.  It’s not challenging.  It’s too challenging. It’s for people of a certain age, weight, class.  And for sure, many still believe that yoga is for women.  Wrong! In fact for years Yoga was done ONLY by men! It’s strengthening, full body, and you don’t have to be anything but YOU to do it.  Oh, and not lazy!  Ashtanga Yoga is definitely not for the lazy!

Other than that, you are ready!  Anyone can learn Mysore style which goes at the pace of your breath and increases in difficulty only when the teacher feels you are ready.  

Still, so many are afraid to walk in the door.  I hear everyday from people with some excuse that ultimately boils down to FEAR.  

I’m not flexible enough for yoga.  How do you think everyone started?  When I started practicing I could NOT touch my toes.  No joke! You will never increase your flexibility unless you start.  You might as well not delay.  Start today.  In addition, yoga is not solely about flexibility.  Classes include strengthening, balance, breath work and a whole bunch of deeper concepts (if you choose to go there)!

It’s boring.  It’s not challenging.  It’s too challenging.  All WRONG! Mysore style Ashtanga and any appropriate yoga teaches the student, not the method.  Our classes work at the right pace for the individual and provide just the right balance of comfort and challenge.

Age, Weight, Class.  Again, not true.  Our classes at Land Yoga have served beings from embryo stage through their 80’s and we’re happy to teach longer!  

Yoga is for Women.  Men, especially, are worried that they will look stupid in front of a primarily female class of yoga students.  WRONG!  Sorry to disappoint, but NO ONE is looking at you.  Everyone is worried about themselves- a lot like life!  So stop thinking so personally and walk in and don’t care.  No one else does.  

Still scared?  Great!  Facing fear is one of the most empowering experiences a person can put himself through, and if you can acknowledge and accept your fear and still SHOW UP, you will be able to recognize and repeat that experience in life off the yoga mat.  This is one of yoga’s greatest gifts. So be afraid.  Be terrified.  And walk in anyway.

This, my friends, is a shameless promotion for my workshop this Sunday, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN’T DO YOGA, but if it touches anyone, if it makes anyone, male or female walk into any class, I am happy.  Nothing should stop you, certainly not FEAR, from doing anything, especially not yoga.