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*For those who don’t know, yoga means Union.

Land Yoga has been open for one month now and we would like to tell you a little bit about what we have accomplished in this short time.
When we opened our doors on June 16th we did not know what to expect, but you came out and have continued to come out in support of our space and this practice. We have over 100 members here at Land, many of who come daily and absolutely contribute to and even create the spirit of this space.
So many of you are new to yoga or returning to yoga after long absences, and we applaud you. You have made a dedication to bettering your physical, mental, and spiritual selves and though you may not see it yet, the changes you are making, are positively impacting your families and our community.
*Land is committed to you! It is our goal to be open and available as much as possible so that anyone with a desire to practice yoga can fit it into their schedule. We hope you’ve noticed! Land is open 7 days a week. On weekdays we open our doors at 6AM and our last class doesn’t end till 9:15PM. Over half of our classes allow you to chose your start time and require only a 40 minute commitment for your first couple weeks.
*In addition to yoga for adults we are working hard to make sure our schedule serves your children as well, so that you can create a healthy yoga habit for them early on. We have classes for you and your child starting from when they are only 6 weeks old. And we plan to add more children’s classes and family classes this fall!
*We also understand that there are other wellness services that compliment yoga. We have made those available to you by housing three top in their field practitioners: Serena Dawn who does Reiki and Vortex healing, Ed Genece who does Craniosacral and Reflexology, and Candice Taylor who is our full time wellness councilor. You can expect to hear news of another practitioner making Land their home in the near future… think acupuncture.
*We are listening to you. Starting in August, Land will host monthly Friday night interactive workshops designed for you to attend with a friend or significant other. Our first is a Mindful Eating Workshop based off the book Savor, being led by our wellness councilor, Candice Taylor. That will be followed by an event on Ayurveda, a system of healing implementing the five elements and creating balance within your body type. We will also be bringing in Juliet Pegrum after so many of you have commented on the beautiful green she chose for the yoga room. Juliet will be helping you to make your home a more peaceful space.
*At Land Yoga we get giddy about collaboration and finding new ways to work with our community. After all, the creation of Land came out of a love of Harlem. We were thrilled when Society Coffee partnered with us opening day to raise money to end Human Trafficking and even more excited when they began opening at 8AM, giving us a place to send our early morning practitioners for coffee and breakfast. Recently we collaborated on their No Impact Week (an event that teaches how we can decrease our carbon footprint) by screening the No Impact Man movie. It was our first movie screening, but definitely not our last!
It doesn’t sop there! We have some other huge collaborations in the mix, including FREE yoga at Morningside Park on Saturdays from 4PM-5PM thanks to the initiative of the Farmers Market. And we will also be announcing a very large partnership with the local Food Bank at our Grand Opening Party, July 23rd 4PM-7PM.
*Did somebody say party?! Yes. And it will be our biggest collaboration yet! Please come by and celebrate with us our official opening on Saturday July 23rd from 4-7PM (puja at 2PM). If you were here for our soft opening, you will notice the great improvements we have already made. Most significantly, our shower is up and running! This event will include food and drink by 5&Diamond, 67 Orange Street, Bier International, Harlem Tavern, Lido, Nectar, Red Rooster, Society Coffee, and Zoma and flowers by Franz James Floral. Bring your family and prepare to stay for the whole event for more chances to win our fabulous raffle prizes.
At the party will be offering 10% off all our retail, a huge ONE DAY ONLY sale on all our yoga memberships, and we will be revealing our PERKS program which will extend to you increasing discounts around town when you choose our 3, 6, or 12 month membership options.
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You are in for a ride, but sure to Land 😉
Shanti OM! Thank you for a beautiful first month.