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I always told myself and others that I hated exercise. I thought the only way I would enjoy working out was if I had a TV in front of me watching one of my favorite television shows. I decided one day to try yoga just to stretch out my body. I was only hoping to get a good stretch, as they say. Little did I know that I had walked not into just an exercise studio but into a new way of life.
When I started at Land I decided to take one led class a week. I had Dana or Lara leading me in the beautiful postures. Week after week I would come and enjoy the beautiful movements. I always felt great afterward. I had heard about mysore but was really intimidated to start. I figured that since I am not a yogi there was no way I could do it, it sounded too intense. In fact, I would not even buy a mat for the three years I took the led class. I just could not commit to a practice.

Then over this past summer I had the opportunity to do yoga more frequently while I was on vacation in the country. I noticed how I felt after class, day in and day out. The feeling was uplifting, enlightening and something I wanted to have in my daily life here in New York City. I decided to give it a try and join mysore practice. The first day I was nervous, but Dana was so kind and so encouraging that I was able to feel right at home. The second day when I woke up in the morning I found my body kind of on autopilot, taking me right to the studio and I felt like I really wanted to be there. My body knew it too. Ever since I started,I have always felt wonderful after class. I feel proud of my progress and stronger and more serene then ever. It is the perfect balance to my hectic life as a mother, professional and NYC dweller. 
I am an example of someone who thought she hated exercise who fell in love with practice. I feel open and connected to my life in a new way after doing Mysore. I encourage all to try it.