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Your YOGA STUDIO needs your HELP!
There has been A LOT going on in the world of New York Yoga in the last couple months and I’ve been waiting for the right time to share this information with you and reach out for your support. Mostly, I hoped I wouldn’t have to. YOU are INCREDIBLE already getting behind tons of causes and contributing where ever it is needed and I don’t take that lightly.
NOW we NEED your HELP.
The group of concerns come from the classification of yoga studio and the people who teach classes at yoga studios. How we are CATEGORIZED means a lot for how we are seen in the world and also translates in terms of taxation and licensing.
You should KNOW: Your Yoga Studio is NOT a Gym
Your yoga studio is more like a place of prayer. And though you are perfectly entitled to come and practice with your own personal intensions, even if those intensions are touching your toes, or losing 5 pounds, Yoga means to unite with a greater power, however that translates to you.
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You should KNOW: Your Yoga Teacher is NOT an employee
Your Yoga teacher lives the fun, hectic life of an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR, working at multiple studios, gyms, homes, and schools. It would make no sense for them to be an employee at the 5-10 locations they teach sometimes just a single class at. Like all things, being FREELANCE has it’s PROS and CONS, but that is what they are.
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You should KNOW: Your Yoga Studio has the RIGHT to Quiet.
As we head towards Harlem Park to Park Earth Day, an event I have been working on for months now, I can’t help but think about NOISE pollution and our rights to a little space for QUIET as we welcome our neighbor’s new restaurant NEXT DOOR.
Those of you who know me, or follow my posts, know the great support I have for local business. I announce new openings, spend my money at the stores and restaurants in our community, and feature them at our workshops and events. Living, working, being together is what it is about for me!
We must find a way to COEXIST and THRIVE together!
The NEIGHBORHOOD should be ENHANCED and each BUSINESS should be BOOSTED by the addition of a new one.
RESTAURANTS, especially where there is ALCOHOL being served are RESPONSIBLE for the noise coming from their space and should SOUNDPROOF properly.
Demand that JADO SUSHI do the RIGHT thing and SOUNDPROOF their space including their Kitchen Area!!!

Email your concerns to
Thank you for 10 beautiful months!

OM! Lara