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This week was different than the first. I finally have some basics down. I can say “good afternoon” and “thank you” and some simple yoga phrases. I have also figured out how to walk into town and back. These feel like huge accomplishments in a culture so foreign to me.

I have begun to lead some of the yoga classes. It is a more difficult task than I would have imagined. I must give the other teachers credit for how well they have succeeded teaching our students. I continue to learn from them as I begin to bring my own skills and style into the class. Rwandan women love to laugh and especially enjoy making light hearted fun of my many mispronunciations. There is an element of sadness and confusion when I am not sure what I have said wrong. It is unnecessary and I am working to laugh at myself right along with them.
I don’t feel the same freedom for sadness as I once had. When the emotion approaches I am quickly reminded of the stories around me and the courage the people here have shown. They smile although they have been victims of the worst of human nature. What do I have to feel sad about?
Today I went to the market with the other yoga teacher, Eunice. It was my first big non work related outing. We took the bus which is more like a van. They managed to squeeze 20 of us in there at one point. I think they would have fit more if needed. To signal for a stop passengers knocked on the roof.
The market offered anything you can imagine, from produce to hardware to second hand clothing. My eyes were huge trying to take it all in. Unfortunately, I was not able to get many pictures. A good amount of the population here do not like having their picture taken. Then there are many who encourage it for a price. Please check out the few pictures I got at
More to come!