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Here we are, 10 months open at Land Yoga and some of you are at or very close to, 10 months of yoga practice. There come certain times in the life journey of the practice when things must shift. I sense that right NOW is one of those times.
I want to speak to you directly on the concept of Tapas. In Sanskrit, Tapas means heat. It is used to describe an internal or spiritual suffering/burning which is a key element in the process of attaining yoga. Many refer to Tapas as self-discipline since this is the main way we express Tapas in our yoga practice. The act of showing up day after day despite excuses and rationalizations, makes us strong and powerful.
Each individual requires something slightly unique to keep their inner fire strong. One of the teacher’s roles is to look into the student and know when and how to challenge him properly. At this moment, I see collectively that it is time to bump it up.
I want you to know, that your current perspective on who you are and what you can do is wrong and stifling. Your abilities are beyond what you can presently imagine. But this is easily rectified. You must allow your mind to accept a larger possibility for yourself. Do this by recalling your previously shattered conceptions of yourself and realize that just as you shed those, you will also shed this next layer of limits. Then you will see what you thought impossible is not only possible, but probable, and quite easily attainable in the scheme of things.
Growth can be painful. Often to gain something we must make room and we do that by releasing something else. This can be painful, but as my teacher likes to quote, ‘no pain no gain’. In fact what we learn from the concept of Tapas is that the pain is not a byproduct of growth but in fact Essential to growth and that by moving forward through the pain, we gain great strength.
I have seen personally the benefits of daily yoga practice, which has made me incredibly strong and immune to the waves of life which derail most. I do my actions from a place of duty and with little attention on outcome or result. From a witnessing perspective, I see that all we do comes back in some form and frequently in some beautiful and humorous way. It is nothing we can control, so I do what needs to be done and leave outcome to the universe. This is an extremely relaxing and peaceful way to live and I want it for you.
All from daily practice.
All within your reach.
Michael and I both believe it is time for you to take the next step in your practice and that is why I am going to offer all our 3x weekly students a chance to increase to an unlimited membership for just $10 from now through the end of May. We want you here! And our ability to help you when we see you 4-6 times a week verses 3 times is increased exponentially. If you’re not sure if it’s working or if it’s worth the monthly, now is your time to commit to it. When you take that one small step in the direction of commitment, the practice gives back in a big way. It is simply waiting for you to approach.
For our students who are already on unlimited memberships, we offer this: Those with perfect attendance in May (ladies should still take lady’s holiday) will be invited to join Michael, Dana, and I for an exclusive class we will teach together followed by a private conference where you will have a chance to hear our comments on the practice and have your questions answered.
As always, we are watching, caring, with you, as your practice unfolds
with love… OM!