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Your child is doing yoga but what is it he/she is doing? Certainly not what they do in adult yoga class, right? My kid can’t even sit still for ten minutes!
Kids yoga is very different from adult yoga. The goals/principles are similar: Physically it’s about understanding the body, finding balance, strength, and releasing tension. And all ages at some point deal with handling emotions and energy and stress, but the approach is different.
Here’s the Land Yoga Kids’ Week in review:
TUESDAY 4-7 year olds
This week we sat in a circle and everyone got a chance to ring the singing bowl. The children enjoyed focusing all their energy on holding the stick properly and using the right amount of pressure to make the bowl “sing”. They practiced their sharing by passing the stick to the next person when it was their turn.
We stayed very still and quiet to see how long we could hear the bowl sing and we practiced making our own vibrations by chanting OM! and letting the M sound linger on our lips. Then we chanted other words like Love and Peace (the kids’s suggestions) and talked about how those sounds made us feel.
This class is about building confident, kind, creative young people and we love it! We focused on the yoga term, AHIMSA this week, which means non-harm, or peacefulness. We talked about the different kinds of harm that occur in mind, word and action and we spoke about ways to create more peacefulness around us. Our physical practice includes a flowing combination of challenging poses like boat, crow, and pigeon, followed by lots of time for rest, relaxation and breathing.
Two and three year olds love moving their bodies like animals and nature and imitating the world around them. This week we used feathers and balloons to explore our breath and then stretched our bodies like a cat, cow, snake, dog, seal and more! Then we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and acted out the parts to music with our bodies. We finished class with relaxation and a nice long foot rub!
Our newest class brings parents and kids together to bond over a positive activity! We work on lots of partner and group poses and encourage fun and relaxation. Requests are encouraged! This week one child was feeling a little tired, so we built the class with restful poses. The students put their legs up the wall and explored how other poses like butterfly felt against the wall as well.
Spaces are still open in our Kids Classes and series may be pro-rated. Contact Lara at for more details. Looking forward to seeing you there!