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This weekend was busy with joyous giving.  On Saturday Alia and Bruno, hosted a fundraiser at their home (India Song House) for an organization called Odanadi.  Odanadi rescues and rehabilitates the vulnerable women and children sold into illegal sex trade, bonded slavery and domestic servitude here in India.  Through the practice of semi-classical Indian dance, song, drama, art, karate and yoga, the women and children of Odanadi are gradually able to rebuild their confidence, self-respect, physical and mental strength.  Self-expression is of vital importance to their recovery.  In addition, Odanadi goes into villages and educates in hopes of preventing the continuation of human trafficking. 

There was a huge turnout for this event which was designed not only to raise money, but also to educate about the human trafficking still prevalent today.  We watched the Odanadi members perform and heard some of their stories.  In the end over 60,000 rupees was raised.
On Sunday I revisited the children at the Asha Kirana HIV clinic. Many familiar faces greeted me as I entered.  The smiles widened when they saw the great gift of yoga mats I was able to provide due to so many generous donations.  After a gentle yoga practice the children sat down to make drawings for their sponsors.  They didn’t know what to draw at first, but slowly their creativity emerged.  I am still collecting mat donations for the 70 children that pass through this clinic each month.  You can support one HIV positive child’s yoga practice by making a $7.00 donation to my Pay Pal account under
Thanks for all of your contributions!