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Ashtanga is a powerful style of yoga that involves matching the movement of the breath with the movement in and out of postures. The focus devoted to correct breathing helps the practitioner to create internal heat, which, over time, purifies the blood and results in a body that is light and strong, and a mind that is focused and calm.
Mysore Style is the traditional way that students are taught the Ashtanga sequence. The yoga room is open for a block of time and the student may enter up to an hour before the end of class and should as leave enough time to finish by the end. The students are taught individually within the group setting and will practice what they have learned with guidance but without being verbally led. The room is quiet except for the sound of the breath.

In the Ashtanga sequence, each posture builds off the previous. Students are given poses one by one, receiving the next posture only after obtaining a level of mastery on the previous. The student’s practice will slowly lengthen as he or she gains strength, stamina, flexibility, and concentration.

All levels are welcome and no prior knowledge of yoga is required. Students should commit to a minimum 3x/week practice and are encouraged to practice the traditional 6 days a week.

Saturdays, New Moon, and Full Moon are observed as rest days. Please check our schedule for rest days.

Led Ashtanga is when the teacher leads the whole class through the sequence together. These classes tend to be slightly faster in pace, as the student will move with the group instead of on his or her own.

We offer Led classes for Beginner, Beginner Plus, Open, and Advanced Levels.


Who can practice?

Anyone can practice regardless of age, flexibility, gender, experience. There are no drop-ins for Mysore except for students with a regularly established Mysore practice. Trying Mysore classes means giving yourself a month commitment to experience the practice.  All our Led classes allow drop-ins.
Pregnant women should not practice Ashtanga unless they already have a regular Ashtanga practice

How can I start to practice?
The best way to begin at Land Yoga is with our $99 intro month where you can dive into the experience of being with our talented teachers and immersing yourself in the practices offered here. We also offer single sessions and five-packs for all BUT our Mysore classes which require a monthly membership except for those who already have an existing Mysore practice. 
Our regularly running Intro to Ashtanga course is also a great way to start at Land. Check our workshop page for the latest offerings.
Should I do some led classes before joining Mysore?

While we are live streaming all classes we ask that students take some led classes and/or our Intro to Ashtanga course before joining the Mysore classes.

But won't I interrupt the Mysore class if I enter during the middle?
You won’t be interrupting a thing! Our classes are meant to be run like that with people coming in and out, and all our students are used to it and too focused on their yoga to even notice. Take a look here to see more how it works.
Do you allow visiting students?

Yes! We love visiting students! If you have a regular Mysore practice please feel free to join us as a drop in for Mysore class. If not, you are welcome in any of our Led classes.

Cost for drop-in: $20

What is Led?

Led just means the teacher calls out the poses and everyone does them together.  This is different from our Mysore classes where the students move at their own breath pace doing a sequence they learn over time to memorize.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable, stretchy, form-fitting clothing. Stay away from baggy shirts that may fall towards the face and obstruct breathing in inverted postures.
Are there any times where I shouldn't practice?
Do not come to class if you are running a fever. Women should take the first three days of their menstrual cycle as rest days.


*What to know before coming to class*
  • Sign up for classes at least 15 minutes before start time. You will receive your link to join 5 minutes before class.
  • You may leave your camera on or off during class. Leave your camera on if you wish to receive feedback.
  • The teacher may mute your microphone during class to reduce background noise.

*Make ups and Membership Holds*
  • Land Yoga classes and memberships are Non Transferable and Not Sharable.
  • We are unable to make up kids’ classes. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Expired Led classes can be reinstated if the member purchased a package of equal or greater value. Old classes will then have the expiration date of the new package.
  • Land Yoga suspends memberships for extreme events only. In the case of a medical or family emergency please email prior to the absence to receive a membership hold. Unused membership freezes are not exchangeable for monetary value.
  • New student and One Month Memberships will not be frozen without renewal.
  • All Private sessions have a $25 cancellation/rescheduling fee when changed within a week before the session and will be fully charged if canceled within 24 hours of the session.
  • In the event of early cancellation of a package, the student will be charged the difference as if having purchased the next shortest package

*All Sales are final*

Schedule is subject to change


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