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Lara Land

Life Balance & Career Clarity Coach
Small Business Consultant

Are you stuck in a career you don’t love? Do you feel like you’ve invested too much to leave? Do friends and family think you’re crazy to dump security for a dream? Are you balancing too much and playing too many conflicting life roles? Do you yearn to feel more integrated, organized, and clear about what steps to take and in which order?

I will help you do it. Together we will create a roadmap organizing all the key elements for your personal success. You will find clarity on what your big picture looks like and how to get there, making steps in the right direction from Day 1. I’ll help you identify and avoid roadblocks and setbacks and keep you accountable for all your actions steps.

My clients have included small business owners, businesswomen switching over to new fields and to entrepreneurship, fitness and wellness professionals looking to grow their brand, and many others going through all types of career and life transitions.

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Natasha L. Edwards, MA, LMHC, NCC

M.A. Applied Psychology
M.A. Women’s & Gender Studies

The process of beginning therapy and finding a therapist can feel overwhelming and frightening. I understand that and believe that those who are starting this process are truly courageous and resourceful. In my experience, I have found that having a safe, contained and trusting environment to share all of one’s thoughts, feelings and experiences can be restorative and healing.

I am a licensed psychotherapist, working for 8 years with individuals, couples, and families. A graduate of New York University (NYU), I completed my advanced psychodynamic and Horneian training at the American Institute for Psychoanalysis. In addition to psychodynamic techniques, I have found relational concepts and Cognitive Behavioral techniques, in combination with multicultural, holistic, spiritual, and strength-based tools help to bring about the most significant growth and change.

I have experience and expertise working with young adults, adults, and seniors providing individual, couples, and family treatment. I approach therapy as a collaborative experience; a relationship aimed at achieving lasting, positive change, enhances self-insight, and an overall better quality of life. I have the most experience treating those who are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, GLBTQ population, and/or medical illnesses such as HIV/AIDS. Each experience is different and some clients desire short-term treatment while others wish for a more long-term therapeutic relationship to achieve their goals; I look forward to exploring these options and co-creating a safe and productive space with those seeking therapy.

Misty Kammarada

Acupuncture, Health, Well-Being, Massage

Misty, a certified bodywork therapist, and acupuncturist began practicing holistic medicine in 2002 when she pursued a yoga teaching certification after seeing the amazing effects of yoga and meditation on the mentally ill. From there, her continued interest lead her to eventually study and become certified in massage therapy and complete a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NYC.

Combining acupuncture and bodywork in practice opened many doors to a deeper study of the human body. After graduating from graduate school, Misty continued to build upon her knowledge and mold her healing techniques with further study in pain management. She completed studies in Quantum Neurology Sensory and Motor Rehabilitation with Dr. George Gonzalez, DC and Pain Neutralization with Dr. Stephen Kaufman, DC.

In 2006 Misty began to travel annually to Peru to learn about medicinal plants in the Amazon with a plant maestro. Her enchantment with botany and the inherent intelligence of plants led her to the future use of the medicines of different cultures, such as Chinese formulas, Amazonian plant medicine, and Ayurvedic herbs, and medicinal oils.

After completing her graduate studies, Misty traveled to Nepal to live and work in Sechen Monastery Clinic and Hospice, in Katmandu, Nepal. While living in Boudhanath, she began to deepen her study of Buddhism while also working to treat the local people of the community with free acupuncture and herbal medicine. Over the course of her time abroad, she also participated in health camps with other local people, visiting remote villages and monasteries to provide community healthcare to villagers who do not have accessibility to doctors or hospitals.

Misty utilizes all her experience to create a very healing space and strives to be a strong support for her patients. She loves treating people and seeing the benefits of holistic medicine shine through each one.

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Amy Fletcher

Reiki Healer

Appointments 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month


Amy first discovered Reiki during her yoga teacher training at Laughing Lotus over nine years ago. While she received Reiki many times in the years that followed, it truly came to the forefront of her life during her recent pregnancy and becoming a new mom! Receiving Reiki during these all-important life events helped Amy learn to heal and connect with herself physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Having always been interested in the healing arts and in learning how we can go deeper into ourselves, Amy takes great joy in now being able to share the gift of Reiki with all as she is now a certified practitioner. She is grateful to have received her training from Lisa Levine.

Amy understands the importance of helping her clients feel at ease from the very first session. She takes great care to create a calming atmosphere designed to support openness and clarity of oneself. She is inspired by her own life-changing experiences with Reiki and strives to bring that same sense of self-reflection, wisdom, and courage to her clients.

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