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I can hardly believe that 7 years has passed since the opening of Land Yoga. So much has changed since those early wide eyed days, and much has remained the same. I ask that you please join me for a special Puja ceremony on our anniversary June 16th at 10am and help me honor the roots of where yoga comes from, all this space has given us, and put some wishes into the Universe for our future.


What’s remained the same?

We are still as committed as ever to the community and to making Ashtanga Yoga accessible to all. You will see every age, ethnicity, and body type walk through this space and we are deeply proud of that conscious curation of a yoga room where everybody feels safe and accepted, and is given a yoga practice that moves at their pace that fits their individual needs. You can hear from our students about their experience of this directly on the student profile page.

Land Wellness continues to thrive. You can have massage, acupuncture, and counseling at the Land space which we find central to our mission to approach healing and even fitness from a holistic mind, body, spirit view.  We also continue to support families with our prenatal and children’s yoga offerings and to encourage local artists to show their work in our hall gallery.

Our team has remained largely the same with Dana Tarasavage, Jessica Greenfield, and Robert Rosenlund taking on more and more classes and workshops all while continuing their yoga studies, a concept we are deeply committed to.  Look out for a future blog from Jessica who is taking a month long yoga study sabbatical in Colorado! We love knowing each and every one of you and watching how you’ve grown.

What’s changed?

Our partnerships have grown! I work closely with Care/Of Vitamins a company I feel strongly about to get you 50% off your first month with code LaraLand. I also partnered with HAVEN Collective to raise money for Land Yoga and Three and a Half Acres Yoga with code LandYoga.  We now have our own yoga festival, SOULFest NYC, produced with New York Yoga + Life Magazine. We host non-profit, Three and a Half Acres Yoga trauma & diversity teacher trainings. We entertain guest teachers and students from all over the world. We’ve even collaborated with a long list of partners for the June 16th anniversary event, including DJ Stormin’ Norman, Lolo’s Seafood Shack, Hoodwinked Escape, Rx Bars, Picnik Butter Coffee, Cavicchioli 1928, Silvana, and GT’s Kombucha.

Our biggest change has been the addition of  L A N D M I N D F U L to our offerings. This year under that new arm of our services, we invited Sarah Tomlinson to teach Yantra coloring, brought in quarterly Reiki Sound Baths (register for the 6/16 one here), had a deep dive into Healing with Crystals, and provided regular drop in, no experience needed, by donation Meditation classes which are starting up again in July and can be registered for here.

I also released My Bliss Book a daily planner + online coaching system to help you bring mindfulness into your daily actions by teaching you how to schedule your life around your priorities and Big Bliss Picture. It’s been amazing watching you discover your bliss and crush your goals with My Bliss Book which is available online till just 6/23. I can’t wait to hear from you about what you’ve accomplished!

We have so much to be thankful for and so much still to do. That is why it is so important for us to take the time to acknowledge where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going, and to give thanks.

I’ll be praying for continued abundance, interest in yoga, the ability to keep and evolve this space, to get it the upgrades it needs, that I’m able to teach and heal wholeheartedly and give my students the best of me. Hope you’ll be with me, praying too!

Register for Land Yoga’s general anniversary events including Puja Ceremony and Party here. Make sure to register separately for the Free 12pm yoga class and for the Reiki Sound Bath. Get your My Bliss Book now while they are still available! Can’t wait to see you!