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What you need for Friday’s full moon party!

As you probably know by now, Land Yoga is hosting a livestream full moon event this Friday 8-10pm. We will be calling on the elements, the ancestors, the spirits and guides to help us move through this time and begin anew. We will be using the power of the full moon which pulls the tides along with the water within us to calibrate for a new beginning.

Nothing is truly needed but yourself, presence and energy.

If you desire, however, you can spice your home fire ceremony experience up by collecting a few powerful objects and preparing in a couple meaningful ways.

  1. Know your directions. I’ll be encouraging you to face North, South, East and West at different times during our ceremony. Familiarize yourself now with which direction is which in your home to be prepared.
  2. Gather some pictures, make some art, or write some intentions around what you want to release. This can be as simple or intricate as you desire. Have something to burn which symbolizes the bulk of what you intend to let go.
  3. Prepare your fire area. Have a fire pit, fireproof lantern, metal bowl, candle, bbq, etc ready. The fire doesn’t have to be huge, just make sure that the area is safe for a fire and of course have water ready for putting your fire out.
  4. Wear something that makes you feel fresh and new. White, flowing clothing is recommended if possible. Anything new you have also works or clothing you associate with freedom and spirituality. Remember we will be doing yoga after with no time for a full change, so this could be as simple as a scarf or necklace over your yoga clothes. Make sure your hair is back and nothing you are wearing could accidentally set on fire.
  5. Have a yoga mat or rug or yoga area ready with props if you choose. Consider having a blanket to keep you warm during meditation and rest.

We can’t wait to see you on Friday. If you haven’t registered make sure to do so now at this link. Tell your friends and family! This event is open to all regardless of previous yoga experience.