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The Circle of Life is a phrase we’ve all become familiar with, but how much have we thought about circles, cycles and the energy of roundness.  Our lives are cycles. Our years are cyclical.  Frequently, we find the energy in and around us turning and spinning in a circular motion. When we understand the rhythm and direction of that current, we can jump into, instead of going against the flow.  Trust me, it makes life easier.

We witness this as we watch our creative process.  There is a time for manifesting and there is a time for filling up the cup.  It doesn’t matter what our occupation, we all give of ourselves and we all receive from others and from the world around us.  And there are periods when one of those choices makes more sense than the other.

For many of us, receiving is the problem.  Guilt often keeps us from opening up and accepting all the universe has to offer.  Especially here in New York, there is a sense that we should be doing and giving and going all the time. I see a lot of this with moms and other caregivers.  Certainly my own mom was this way.  As a child I watched her go and go and give until she broke down depleted. At one point I vowed not to give at all, not to care, but to be completely tough. Obviously this was not a good plan, but who knows that at 14?  So, what is the appropriate amount of giving?  That depends on the person and where they are in their process.  But since what you give comes back exponentially, ideally, you want to make yourself available for big output.

You get yourself to that place by clearing yourself of what you are holding on to and as you move forward you work on allowing energy to flow through you so that you no longer build up large holding patterns. One excellent way to do this is by doing yoga.  Daily practice is like clearing the slate and starting new each morning. This is why it is so good for actors who need characters to run through them.  By combining breath and movement, yoga releases deep internal muscles otherwise too hard to get to. And by relaxing in stressful situations on the yoga mat, the habits of the nervous system are also changed.   Space previously crowded by tight muscles and restless thoughts, becomes open and free. There are many ways to create more space. You create space in your life by throwing out the things you don’t need, keeping your home and work clean and clear of clutter.  You create space by letting go of stifling ideas, habits, people.  You create space by under scheduling yourself and allowing yourself time and even boredom. If you want to bring something new into your life, you must first make space.

This is the concept we will focus on in our New Year’s Eve class and meditation.  In order to receive all the good coming our way in 2013 we must first create a vacuum like setting inside of us that yearns to be filled.  We will do this by letting go of the things which are holding us back.  In a silent environment so we can experience peace and quiet and look inside, we will have an opportunity to release and burn those things we do not want to take into the new year.  The powerful collective ritual I have designed for this night is structured for maximum impact and longevity.  I will be guiding you as you safely open your hearts and let go old grudges, insecurities and limitations to create room for more good to enter your lives.

I hope you will join in this beautiful candle lit class and meditation which will conclude at midnight with nine repetitions of the sacred sound Om.

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This is just the beginning…

The thing about creating new space is that space wants to be filled! As soon as you make that space, so much will come sweeping in to fill it.  How will you know if what comes is the right thing?  You must prepare to attract what you want!

There has been plenty said of the power of attraction, some of it on point and some of it not.  I want to help you to understand what the power of attraction is, how it works, and how you can start to use it to get where you’re going.  It is a lot less complicated and than most people think.  Simply put, there is an infinite amount of sensory information around us at any given moment.  If we took it all in we would go crazy with the overload.  (In fact, we see this affect with some who have sensory sensitivity) So, like a director, our brains are constantly editing what information we consciously receive.  How do our brains decide what we recognize?  I will help you understand this process and how to be in charge of what you are receiving. Your mind has developed a sieve for information based on experience.  Signs of danger are the first bits of information it is on the look out for.  After that most of the information your brain is allowing into consciousness is based on what has been important to you in the past.  This is great- if those things are still important to you, but if not, you may want to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to look out for what supports your current mission and life path.  This is pretty much it.  And it is not at all difficult.

I will be following up our Space Creating New Years Class and Mediation with a Workshop on Attraction, Sunday, January 20th at 4PM.  
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May you manifest all you desire and more and may it serve your highest good.

Blessings, Lara