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Winter Solstice
Nature Retreat

December 20-31, 2020

The “Twelfth” or “Wolf Nights” as the nights around Winter Solstice through New Years can sometimes be called are a very special, magical and mysterious time when nature seems to stand still. We can use this time to take stock, to prepare for the next year – but also to sharpen our sense for the essential things that are so often hidden from our eyes. On dark, cold winter days there is opportunity to spend time with family, to reflect, to tell stories and to set a new course for the future. There is also the opportunity to make contact with the world of the ancestors, the spirits and nature beings and “interpret the signs”, predict or make manifest the future. During these nights the veils that cover the spiritual world become thinner. Those who know how to use these days well can learn a lot about themselves.

What drives us during the rough nights are the universal themes that we encounter with various rituals: Is there anything more than what is visible to our eyes? What does it mean to be in the world? What should I do? What is my purpose?

We find answers in the nature that we are of and a part of, by tuning into her rhythms, putting to her our questions, and listening carefully for her answers which are told to us via our many senses.

The Twelfth Nights offer you access to a world full of magic that lies beyond everyday life, but where that journey takes you is entirely up to you. You can use this time to get some rest, digital detox, and give a little more room for silence and reflection in your life or to make a deep, inner transformation, at the end of which there will be a real new beginning.

Please join us for a twelve day program designed to honor this special time.

You can expect to:

  • Experience the subtle wonders of the elements.
  • Feel the thickness of silence.
  • Detach from your phone and reliance on digital crutches especially your phone.
  • Observe nature and your essence as nature
  • Connect with the indigeounous history and biodiversity of your region.
  • Engage meaningfully with community.
  • Discover new ways of meditating.
  • Grow in your spiritual practice.
  • Learn about the earth, climate change, and how we might use mindfulness to reverse it.


All times are EST.
All sessions will be recorded and can be done on your own leisure.
  • Day 1 Sunday Dec 20th 7pm-9pm (Lara & Alex) Bringing in the Solstice with Alex and Lara Fire ceremony, Yoga Flow, and Sound Bath
    Receive Assignment One.
  • Day 2 Monday Dec 21 6pm (Thimo) Solstice Meditation: We are the elements
    Receive Assignment Two.
  • Day 3 Tuesday Dec 22nd (self led) Forest Bath
  • Day 4 Wednesday Dec 23rd 7-9pm (Lara & Thimo) Screening “A Life on our Planet” climate movie
    Receive Assignment Three.
  • Day 5 Thursday Dec 24th (Lara) 12pm-1pm Digital Detox introduction and 10 day plan
    Receive Assignment Four.
  • Day 6 Friday Dec 25th (self guided) Tree meditation.
  • Day 7 Sat Dec 26 (self guided) Rewilding assignment.
  • Day 8 Sun Dec 27 7-9pm (Lara & Thimo) Screening Mindfulness and Climate
  • Day 9 Mon Dec 28 6pm (Thimo) Meditation for the earth
  • Day 10 Tues Dec 29 7-9pm (self guided) Make a meal from all local seasonal ingredients, practice mindful eating awareness of each bite, the different flavors on the tongue.
  • Day 11 Wed Dec 30 7-8pm (Lara) Communal Fire Ritual Setting and Receiving Intentions.
    Create your altar from bits of nature you’ve collected on your walk and rewilding along with a candle you can scrape into and any other photos, or objects you want around you. Lara will take you through a fire ritual that taps into all our senses and aligns us with purpose. Have paper and pen for writing.
    Receive saging instructions for the final day.
  • Day 12 Thurs Dec 31 (self led) The final cleanse. Sage or smoke your space.

What you will need:

a yoga mat/space to practice asana, a meditation cushion/space to practice sitting meditation, a candle, matches, sage, incense or some cleansing herbs for smoking/clearing, a pen and writing pad for notes and ponderings, epsom salts, your desire.

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